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Murilo Bustamante to return to USA to fight

"I received this offer to fight at USA and I am very happy now"

Braziliam Top Team lider, Murilo Bustamante is back to American MMA. Out of fights since new tear’s eve, when he was defeated at Yarennoka, and without fight at US since 2002, when he defeated Matt Lindland at the UFC 37, Murilo will face Josh Haynes at the new event Godz of War. At an exclusive interview for TATAME, Murilo commented about the expectation for his return, the new BTT branch at Las Vegas and the debut of the promising newcomer of BTT, Rousimar Toquinho, at the UFC. Check out the interview below:

What is your expectation for your bout?

The expectation is the best. It’s a new event and I am very happy to return to fight in the United States. I did not know if the event would even happen, but now everything is right. I wanted this since a long time and it was a very good offer, what is even better.

How is to return at American MMA?

I am very happy, I am anxious. Since a long time I wanted to return, I received an offer to fight at the UFC, but it was not what I wanted to. So I received this offer and I am very happy now.

Do you want the belt?

This event is starting now, I am going to make one fight and let’s see what happens. It is a new event, I hope everything went well, to be a success. I am giving my support, I want to make a nice fight for all American fans and I believe the event will stay and I want to stay with him.

Do you go to this event think about return to the UFC?

Look, I really had the interesting to return to the UFC, but…They made an offer for me to return last year but it was not what I wanted and we didn’t signed. This event made a good offer, another event made an offer too, and I am not exclusive from this event, so this give me the freedom what I would not have with the UFC, and the amount is bigger too. I am freedom to negotiate, this make me free and confident.

Milton Vieira is on the event’s card too… Against who? What is the expectation for him?

He is going to face Pat Healy. It is going to be a good fight for Milton and I hope that everything goes right. I am working a lot. Bebeo (Duarte) is living at Las Vegas, I am here, giving more classes, doing my utmost, but I am very happy and I hope to make a good show. The event is very good, with Jeff Monson, Kevin Randleman…

How is BTT Las Vegas? Are you going to there or is only Bebeo there?

The BTT Las Vegas is with Bebeo, we are still partners, but he is the one that give classes and command the gym. He is there and I am here. We are trying to develop more all around the world, Europe, USA, , now this one at Las Vegas , and then we are going to open more. I can go there occasionally, but Bebeo stays there.

What is your expectation for Toquinho debut at UFC?

A debut is always a big expectation, we know his potential, he is training very well, but we know that a debut is not easy, even more at the UFC. We are in expectation but if everything goes as we want it is going to be a big fight. We are cheering, but we are not celebrate before the victory.

How is Arona’s trains?

Arona is training at Niteroi , making his physical maintenance. He never stop his trains. He has many offers, it is just to choose one.

St Pierre said that he is going to put on weight to face Anderson … What do you think about that?

I think it would be a big fight, St Pierre is a complete fighter, good Wrestling, good at stand up, at the ground, but I would not like to him put on weight to don’t face Toquinho, because I want them to train together. St Pierre was coming here in December to train with us, but the fight against Matt Hughes came and he didn’t come. Fabio Holanda, from BTT Canada is his teacher, so I prefer that he stays champion at his weight and I think he is going to stay with the belt for a long time. I think he has chances to make a big fight against Anderson . It would have no favotite, I think it would be 50% for each.

What do you think about Jacaré debut at DREAM?

I think Jacaré is a great talent, has everything to be successful, but MMA is not BJJ. People who came from BJJ has to know that is another sport. The Jiu-Jitsu gives an amazing grounding to MMA, but is another sport. If he doesn’t make the right connection between the sports, he could have problems. If he trains his Boxing well, he is going to be very tough.

The translations isn't the greatest. Would have loved to see him back in the ufc tho, oh well.

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