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Originally Posted by raymardo View Post
stitch1z, you should concede defeat. There's no shame in losing a debate, where the point is to intelligently utilize facts to support your opinions. In this thread, you've made a lot of assertions and have opinions based on emotion and likes and dislikes.

Your dislike for Kimbo is so glaring that is prohibits you from admitting when facts are presented to refute your statements.

This thread has proven that:
  • Kimbo makes obscene money for potentially safe fights that allow him to develop as a fighter.
  • Kimbo is in this position due to his high level marketability.
  • Lidell trash talked Kimbo and Kimbo called out Chuck to settle it man to man.
  • Kimbo is not a promoter or matchmaker.
Who wouldn't try to earn as much as they possibly could for fighting? Every fighter is trying to do that. To call out Kimbo for being able to make good money based on years of fighting in the streets is dumbfounding.

And to expect a guy who was a total amateur, a street fighter, to fight top tier competition within his first three fights is ridiculous. I'm not so sure that Tank Abbot was the easiest fight out there for a rookie. Tank has tons of experience, and Kimbo rolled through the veteran.

Anyway, without any intended disrespect, as an outsider who read all of the posts in this thread, it is my "opinion" that jasvll has won every area of this debate multiple times.

Thanks for a fun read guys
I'm not disagreeing to be difficult, it's just my belief:
  • I don't believe that anyone Kimbo has fought thus far would help ANYONE develop as a fighter ( A 46-yr-old ex boxer, a 10-10 fighter that's gone down in the first 30 seconds on several occasions, and an aged Tank Aboot that has lost 7 of his 8 bouts in this decade)
  • I never argued that Kimbo wasn't where he is because of his marketability, in fact, I think that's the absolute only reason he's there. As an entertainer.
  • Liddell hardly trash-talked Kimbo. However, Ricco called Kimbo a "Dancing Monkey" and "Tomato Can" and Buentello accused him of fighting people he already knocked out. Yet, Kimbo had nothing to say about that. Liddell didn't talk trash, he stated facts... Then Kimbo issues a "warning"
  • I realize he's not a matchmaker. So why is he calling out Liddell?

It's just my opinion. The guy has shown no skill to speak of (other than some amateur boxing skill and a sloppy guillotine). He looks scary and he fights people that make him look even scarier. But as a fighter, I see no reason to show him any respect.

Once again, I have not accused Kimbo of being arrogant!
I've accused him of being ignorant.

Don Frye's Mustache > Kimbo's Beard

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