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Really? Wow, I haven't seen anything that says "ephedra" in a long time. I see "guarana" or "guarana seed extract" but I never see "ephedra". I thought they totally got rid of it. I'm in Alaska though, so all I have around my town is a GNC.

I used to wake up at 4:30am for work (in a lumberyard) and work until 6pm or even later if needed. I had a horrible time staying awake just on the drive to and from work. So, I started taking these energy pills I found at a gas station. There were Yellow Jackets and Black Beauties. They both had different levels of caffeine and ephedra in them. The yellow jackets got me so amped up that I was nervous and shaky all the time. I couldn't think straight. So, I went down to the black beauties, which had a little less in them. It seemed perfect for me because two pills kept me going all day long without getting all anxious and jittery. I miss that ephedra. That was in the old days though, so I wouldn't get into that stuff again anyway. That job in the lumberyard was awesome though. I might as well have been working out 12+ hours per day. I don't know why I'm telling this story, but that shit is definitely dangerous. Now I'm hooked on coffee

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