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Originally Posted by Nos5 View Post
Not cool. What do you guys think about what this clown said. I don't particularly care for Kimbo, he hasn't really fought anyone yet, but this column crosses the line.

First off, LZ Granderson, the ESPN writer in question, is black.

Second, he says Kimbo is "playing up the stereo-typical african-american", not that he is one.

Third, he said Kimbo "projects an image of" a runaway slave (in fact, what he says is a little more complicated than that). Not that he IS one.

Granderson is criticizing the street-thug persona Kimbo protrays and making a point, not being racist. Cmon guys, read past the buzzwords for a minute here. What he's really upset is that Kimbo is exploiting (and therefore perpetuating) a racial stereotype. I'm not saying I fully agree or even care but let's not confuse his meaning here.

Everybody good, plenty of slaves for my robot colony?

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