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"Of course, the pain of it all is somewhat dulled by the fact that none of this is really new. Ever since the first House Negro spied on the Field Negroes in exchange for a clean pair of pants, it seems the jealousy and selfishness within my community has always played a key role in hindering its progress."

I don't know what I find more humorous, the fact that Gunderson is lambasting Kimbo in a self-righteous rant about critical race theory in his sports column; or the fact that he basically props Kimbo as being a representative of his [Gunderson's] community. Kimbo represents "the black community" as much as David Duke represents "the white community. That is to say neither guy "represents" all people who share their skin color in common.

Gunderson is a blowhard. His dropping mindless references to coons, lynch mobs, and field slaves only serve to show how little he knows. I seriously can't stand blowhards like Gunderson. There are still plenty manifestations of racism and racial politics [read democratic race]. But by writing drivel like this gunderson is simply crying wolf. Kimbo is marketing himself to make money, how much of his persona is his creation and how much of it is things that other people have attributed to him?

Gunderson needs save the sermon for something that actually matters
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