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Originally Posted by Ebc_Kyle View Post
What? Are you upset because millions of people know Kimbo? And now that he's in MMA, they are watching MMA, too? Are you mad because Kimbo is just trying to make money fighting people? Or are you mad because Kimbo is one of the biggest names in MMA next to the UFC? You might not think so, but look, almost everyone on this forum knows who Kimbo is, and I betcha a lot of people who don't follow MMA know who the hell Kimbo is. Kimbo fought people in the street, so what? Wasn't Chuck involved in a brawl in a bar where he was, quote; "Had his back against the wall just knocking guys out right and left." ? I don't understand why you're angry at Kimbo for trying to make a living with what he thinks he knows best. Jesus Christ, the guy has 2 MMA fights under his belt (I think the Mercer one didn't count) and you people are already undermining him.
Bro, it's just my opinion. I don't think he's shown any skill to speak of other than a sloppy guillotine, some mediocre boxing, and heavy hands. I also think his attitude, personna, and background are bad for MMA. And I think he's had easier competition than most amateur fighters have to start out with.
Think what you want, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. But this is what I believe.

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