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Well, I lost at NAGA. The guy was a little 5'6 ball of muscle.

He got the takedown and passed immediately to side control (2 points for the takedown and 2 points for dominant position). He made a few sloppy attempts at a keylock and while he was doing that I got back to half guard. Then I started working for double underhooks to work for sweeps. My coach called out "he's giving you the space to get your guard back" so I brought my knee back out (almost half butterfly but my foot was resting on his thigh instead of hooked in between his legs). He fed the inside leg back through and regained his side control. From there coach called out the "swim out" escape, which I should have known I didn't have the energy to pull off (I might have cut too much, not rehydrated right, or just had nerves all day because the time the match came i was splashing water in my face to wake up). Anyway, when I tried the escape he kept his balance and took my back. When I got rid of one of his hooks and started to twist into his guard he locked the body lock. From there it just took him a bit to finish the RNC but he got it.

All-in-all it was a good (albeit disappointing) experience. I figure I got my money's worth because of what I learned. I need to really work my takedowns, not cut as much weight, and when competing... follow my instincts over what the coach is calling out. In hindsight, I think I'd have had more success working out of half guard since he was giving me the double underhooks... and I should have trusted my gut when coach called out an escape that I generally don't like and knew I wasn't going to commit entirely to. Oh, I also need to start lifting again. Even though I do feel a certain sense of accomplishment after having lost nearly 40 pounds for the competition... I did sacrifice a certain amount of strength as well. It's time to hit the weights again. Anyway, for all who were following... thanks for your insight. I'll do better next comp (NAGA comes back in August... and I'm sure there's more before then).

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