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Originally Posted by rufio.e0 View Post
Are you actually asking for our opinion or just posing statements as rhetorical questions? If you want to lose weight: go jog and stop eating crap. If you want to get in shape for fighting: train mma. P90X is aerobics, which is great and all... and any physical exercise is better than nothing. But you won't find good baseball players that only train in weight rooms, and you won't find good basketball players only running laps at the track. To get in shape for a specific sport, you have to practice that sport. Same holds true for MMA.
yes i know this. i take muay thai classes 3 times a week. for ex. isolation exercises are bad for mma like u shuldnt have a only biceps and tricpes training day. so would the p90x be good for workouts for mma.
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