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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge
- After the argument, in his little interview he stated something in the lines of "I wanted to tell him that to his face, rather than him seeing it on film, so I stepped up", whoa Matt, big tough guy, "chewing out" a guy that isnt a fighter. Gee Matt, why didnt you tell Rich Franklin or Matt Hughes what you thought of them while they were there, in their face? Hm?
This thread's a bit old but I read the first post and thought a little about why Serra didn't confront the other 2.

He didn't go and tell Rich what he thought of his advice because he didn't want to hurt the guys feelings, he just though the advice was a little goofy(so did many others). It was infact the middleweights who were talking down on Rich Franklin.

And as for the things he said about Matt Hughes, nothing Hughes said or did affected Serra. The things he said were more observatory than anything else.

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