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I've taken Hydroxycut Hardcores. Theyw ork amazingly. I've kept all of my muscle and lost about 15 punds in the past month and a half. My excercise and eating routines have changed too. I don't run though, I roll for about 3-5 hours a day (IMO does way way more for your cardio because you use every muscle in your body and you learn proper breathing). I stopped taking HH after my first bottle (plateud) and took Lipo 6x for a bit, lost about 5 pounds but I didn't liek them that much. Now I'm taking arson and it works fantastically. All in all, I weight 225 7 months ago, I'm now down to 170. None of the pills have made me jittery or anything, but then again Im damn near immune to caffine. I also stopped drinking pop, and started drinking Grean tea (real green tea not that lipton concentrated BS) and it does wonders for your metabolism.
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