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My 07 FOTY was Takaya vs Carvalho (Shooto). Just 2 145'ers punching each other in the face. It was a great stand-up fight, and I definitely recommend that.

You have guys like Tamura, who are top dogs at 145 in Shooto. From what I heard, he & Rumina Sato had a fun fight not too long ago.

Oh, Rumina Sato is freakin' awesome, and you should dig up some of his older fights. One of my all-time favorites. He's Shooto's Sakuraba.

Hatsu Hioki is a very solid 145'er, and I recommend pretty much anything from him.

The Shooto 145 class is seriously competitive. Tamura just got beat not too long ago, and he was top dog. Takeshi Inoue was a top dog, and he lost to Savant Young. Carvalho is up there. It's a stacked weight class.

As for Deep, it's a weird org. Lot's of weird fights, with pro-wrestlers and masked men and stuff. Mishima was Deep's MVP, with Ryo Chonan in second place. So, if you're looking for Deep fights, get Chonan vs Sakurai, Chonan vs Roan, Mishima vs Imanari and Mishima vs Rotten Rob Emerson. Deep's undercard is just, wow, weird. There's also the El Solar vs Minoru Suzuki fight that was, perhaps, the weirdest fight I have ever seen. Oh damn, I forgot about IMANARI!!!! Imanari is the best thing going in Deep nowadays, and one of the best 145'ers on the planet. Pretty much, any Imanari is good Imanari, except his fight with Abe, which sucked.

Here's Takaya vs Carvalho.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Some Sato goodness.

Flying armbar!

Sato vs Uno 1. Part 1. One of the greatest fights ever.

Part 2.

Imanari vs Sato from Combat Wrestling.

Some Imanari radness.

Imanari vs Mike Brown.

Imanari vs Maeda 2 part 1 (Great fight).

Part 2.

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