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I didn't work out yesterday due to dumb time suck errands and that night I had tkd test review for when I test for purple stripe on Saturday.
Today I had to hurry up so I practiced poomsae and ran 2.5 miles with 9.0 min mile intervals, then did poomsae again for about an hour at tkd. I don't think this was enough cardio but there is definitely continuing progress re: speed and endurance. I'd like to run bleacher steps but there are none near, and they're all high as in if I tried to run them, I'd break something again, God forbid. (this was wednesday)
thur: ran 5 miles, poomsae, boring boring one steps and lightning phases 1 & 2 (fun kicking drill which is also good cardio)
fri: ran 4 miles, 15 min. stairmaster, now i have to study for testing tomorrow, i'm starting to freak out.
today I got purple stripe at my tkd testing session. I didn't do much cardio apart from some point sparring to help the ppl testing for higher ranks satisfy their sparring requirement, and doing poomsae like I meant them. You know, like you should hear the material of yr. gi or dobok or whatever snap. I wanted to test but it's unfortunate that with regard to cardio, unless ur testing for full rank, there's not much happening.
we r going out to mother's day dinner so I can go to the gym tomorrow during the day, I already told my husband I don't give a f&ck about mother's day, my birthday is 2 days later i'd rather get presents and cases of Negra Modelo then.

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