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Originally Posted by name goes here View Post
It always strikes me how many people assume the black guy in the match - is far bigger than the other guy. For ages after both fights everyone was like Rampage is so gigantic, he really dwarfs Chuck (actually no Chuck is bigger). Or the same thing with Houston and Jardine (again no, Jardine is bigger).
Yeah, this is always the best. It's closely related to the "Man, that guy is ripped and he will win" school of thought.

I was at a bar a few weeks ago with some friends and one of the Pride highlight shows from Fox Sports was on. They were showing the Fedor vs Zulu fight and one guy goes "Dude, that black dude is huge, he's going to beat the crap out of that chubby white guy". I'm like "nope, that chubby white guy is the best MMA fighter in the world". He's like "there is no way that guy is one of the best fighters in the world". He quickly shut up when Fedor beat him down seconds after the opening bell.
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