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Originally Posted by floridagirl
I still say a guest appearance only for Ed is wrong.I do agree that Ed still would have won but nobody is aloud to have any contact with the outside world.Unless going to the doctors or hospital.I do disagree that the fight would have been exactly the same because I think Ed needed a pick me up and you could see his mindset was different after Randy showed up.I also think that where a fighter's head is when he goes into a fight makes a tremendous difference in how they perform.Ed also didn't look so hot and is overrated.I do think he has a great chance of winning and I do think that Kendall has improved alot.We'll all find out whether or not he improved enough though.
The point of this is to find the best fighter and so the mental game has to play a part, but if the best fighter loses interest, and ed is the best fighter and he was losing interest, then you have to find a way to ensure that the best fighter performs.

Whether or not we thinks it's right doesn't matter, because Dana needed to find a way to motivate the best fighter in thh middleweight class and if that means having his coach show up than fine. I think having Randy there had just as much effect on Josh Haynes' fight as it did on ed's, probably more, because ed was going to beat Rory's ass anyway.

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