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Originally Posted by southpaw447 View Post
Well to be honest I really though Calvancante was going to win the whole GP with all his talent and hype.

But after last night I really believe that Alvarez is the sleeper to win all this. I remember watching him at ShoXc and really didn't give him a second thought, but now, given what he's done overseas, you can't count out the Philly guy.

The win over Hansen last night, from what I read, was complete domination and over a guy like Hansen that is really impressive.

If everything goes how I think it will, it should be Aoki and Alvarez for the Finals.

What are your thoughts on Alvarez, and can he win it all?
His fight with Hansen was a very good fight, although I wouldn't call it "complete domination". Hansen almost caught him in 3 or 4 subs, but man Alvarez was frikin fast and got out. He rocked Hansen a lot, but Hansen rocked him some too.

I was REALLY impressed by Alvarez and think he will win it all. Although, I didn't think Caol Uno would beat a top 10 LW, so there is a chance he could win lol

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