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Back to Basics

So, a friend of mine suggested I put this thread together to help people really nail down the fundamentals of their favorite simple techniques.

There are alot of basic things that I see even high level guys f*ck up sometimes, and they are things that take alot of time to master, so whether you're a beginning grappler or someone who wants to get back to basics (and we all should, every once in a while), post a technique on this thread.

There are some good grapplers in here, and some good material on youtube that I'll link in for people, so whatever you bring to the table, you should get some good stuff.

So, anyone who wants some of the details of more basic moves broken down, post them here.

EDIT: I've made a decision to index the first ten pages of this thread in this post, so it's easier for people to navigate. All posts will be made by technique, in alphabetical-chronological order. I've starred my posts, just as a point of reference for me.

(Indexed Pages 1-20)

Armbar from the Bottom 1
Armbar from the Bottom 2*
Butterfly Guard 1*
Butterfly Guard 2*
Can Opener 1*
Crack Down
Ezequiel Choke 1*
Gi Grips*
Guard Pass 1*
Guard Pass 2 a
Guard Pass 2 b*
Guard Posture and Defense*
Guard Theory with Heavy Opponents*
Guard Theory with Strikes*
Half Guard Sweep 1*
Inverted Gogoplata 1*
Inverted Gogoplata 2*
Kimura From Guard 1*
Mount Escapes 1*
Mount Escapes 2
Mount Escapes 3*
Mount Escapes 4
Mount Top Position*
Omoplata 1*
Omoplata 2*
Regaining Guard 1*
Scarf Hold Escapes 1*
Scarf Hold Escapes 2*
Scarf Hold Escapes 3*
Side Mount Escapes 1*
Side Mount Escapes 2*
Sprawl 1
Sprawl 2
Straight Ankle Lock*
Triangle Escapes and Prevention 1*
Triangle Escapes and Prevention 2
X-Guard Sweeps*

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