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Originally Posted by joppp View Post
Jacare beat Marcelo Garcia with a very simple kimura (with his guard CLOSED). I'd really like to know about the kimura from the bottom!
The real problem people tend to have with the kimura is breaking down your opponent. Alot of white and blue belts try to start by applying the kimura with their arm reaching over the elbow, instead of over the shoulder, and then they try and work it in. (see Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie, the kimura that Matt uses is the epitomy of what I'm talking about) It doesn't work like that.

The important thing, whether you are sitting up to do it as part of a hip-sweep style combination (which I really like) or off of your back in the guard, is to have your opponent's body closed with yours. There shouldn't be alot of extra space.

As far as doing it from the closed guard, it's really about having control of that shoulder and sinking the lock in. Remember to finish the lock with your hips, even if you are leaving the legs together and not opening them like in a traditional kimura. (opening the legs does create more leverage, but, as Jacare showed, it's not necessary to finish)

One of the things that you have to remember about the finish that Jacare used is that he's alot bigger than Marcelo. He has that power advantage thatalot of people forget about in that matchup.People forget about that when they watch Marcelo, because he kills guys way bigger than him, but that was a serious problem in that fight with Jacare.

If you are a smaller guy trying to finish a bigger guy with that kimura, you will probably need to open that guard to finish, or you can do what I do and work it up into an almost semi-omoplata position to finish.

Still, that's a little advanced for what I'm trying to get to in this thread.

The real trick about sinking in that deep kimura is to have that arm over the shoulder and to have your body closed as you start to work on the technique. Those little details are one of the major differences between a kimura that wins fights (like Jacare's) and a kimura that makes Mike Goldberg yell alot, but doesn't really do anything (like Matt Hughes').

NOTE: Matt Hughes' kimura against Joe Riggs is actually a really, really good kimura. I'm talking about the Royce Gracie one specifically.

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