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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I fought (street fight) a guy that was about 6,3 275 before (Im 6 feet about 180) it went well with me being able to dodge his punches and land about 15 shots without being hit, then he hit me and I hit my ass on the ground (he yelled at me to get up I decided my broken nose was enough and stayed down, not my proudest moment), the lesson is fat f**ckers are slow and easy to avoid unfortuntly they are still very strong and eventually they do connect.
Damn straight! I dodged his punches rather easily, but the only time he truly nailed me was by a spinning backfist that caught me while I was trying to unleash a flurry of uppercuts and hooks on him. It didn't hurt me too bad, but it made me realize that I needed to beat him as easily as possible because I mean, everyone gets caught once in a while. (see Serra vs. GSP )

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