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Anyone else here who eats barley?

I used to think that the only thing barley was used for was to make beer and whisky, but after surfing the net for the glycemic indexes of various carb sources, and noticing that barley's got an exceptionally low GI, I went to the largest supermarket in the area, and actually found barley made for cooking and eating as a substitute for rice.

Apart from having a much lower GI than (whole grain) rice, I noticed that it also has more fibers (11.5% for barley and 7% for rice), and is cheaper.

It takes a little bit longer to cook than rice. I try to cook it just long enough so that the grains are soft enough to chew. It smells a bit like porridge when you're cooking it, but it doesn't taste like that, although it has a little bit more taste than rice.

I'm really sold on this stuff, I like the taste better than rice and I don't get hungry again as fast either (I've got really fast metabolism). I don't want to give up the pasta though, so I'm varying between pasta and barley. I don't want to go back to rice though.

The thing is, I don't know anyone else who eats this stuff. I've never even heard or read about anyone who eats it. So, is there anyone else out there who's eaten barley like this, or am I a weirdo?
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