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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Ive been wrestling for a while now, but other forms of grappling are still really unique to me. And one thing I've really been struggling with is getting out of the full mount. Any advice would be great. BTW great threat-this is awesome, really appreciate.
Thanks, man.

As far as getting out of the mount, there are two ways to go (in terms of basic escapes). There's the bridge and roll and then there's the hip escape.

The bridge and roll requires you to trap one of your opponent's hands, then lock down the foot on same side. This will prevent your opponent from stopping the roll and creating a base.

Then you are just going to bridge up and to the side, rolling over, so that you come up in your opponent's guard. Make sure that you do this to the side that you have locked down, otherwise you're f*cked.

The hip escape starts with a hip bump. Use the hip bump and shoot your hips out like a shrimp move (if you need help with that, then I'll help you out, because I know it's not something people do in wrestling). Make sure that you are on one side, which will create space, and then slip one knee out. (this gets you to half guard) You should always slip out your bottom leg.

Put that knee on the hip, like a butterfly, and then push to get a little more space. Then you should be able to wrap the leg around to that half guard position.

Then roll to the other side, do that hip move again and you get back to the full guard. (even if you decide you want to fight from the half guard, you need to roll to that other side to work.

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