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Originally Posted by All_In_GSP View Post
I think Tiger Woods is a perfect example of such.
Really. You think that Tiger can bench, high jump, sprint or weave like an elite athlete?

You're entitled to that belief. Frankly, I think that if we put him in there with a guy who is really an elite athlete, just threw him in the gym with, say, Kevin Garnett, he'd get killed.

Originally Posted by 6sidedlie View Post
I don't know if I agree with this. Hockey players are some of the toughest and best conditioned athletes in the world but god knows they would not be able to play basketball worth shit. Golfing on the other hand.. no problem.
I disagree. I've seen top tier hockey players work out, I've seen them run and I've seen them weave. Most of them, strangely, actually can jump.

They do have that level of athleticism that I'm talking about. They use their cardio on the ice, and they do use a different set of muscles, but they also have developed general muscles in the weight room and on the track.

Everybody on this thread seems to be missing the difference.

I'm not saying that Tiger's not great at what he does. I'm just saying that he doesn't have a level of athletic prowess that everyone seems to think he does. A great athlete translates, and I don't think that Tiger does that.

My point about his actual toughness aside (his whining about cameras and press really does bother me, and I would never call him a "tough" athlete as a result of it), he's a great golfer, and I'm not going to say that golf isn't hard. I'm looking beyond the golf.

Someone brought up Roger Federer, and Federer has some of the best cardio, coordination, agility and speed in the world. Does he have the muscular power that a football player has? Hell no. But he does have incredible athletic ability. And if he developed the technical skills, he could play most sports based around that skill set. (definitely basketball and baseball)

What's Tiger Woods' skill set? What's athletically impressive about him besides his swing?

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