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Originally Posted by All_In_GSP View Post
I didn't say he could bench, high jump, sprint, or weave like anyone.

My point was that that is how I define athleticism, the ability to perform athletic tasks and do them well.

I still do.
You're entitled to your opinion, I'd just like to see evidence of his athleticism beyond just his skill as a golfer.

Is the gym a place that truly defines an athlete? Bryan Clay, the 2006 decathlon (arguably the most athletic people in the world) point champion wouldn't stand a chance against Garnett in the gym in regards to physical strength, but he can weave more agilely, sprint faster, and has a higher vertical leap than Garnett.
I'm not just talking about the weight room. The gym is a general term for a physical workout which, ideally, would test things like agility.

Would Clay's skills translate to other sports?

Damn right they would.

And, by the way, of the four events I mentioned that I'd like to test woods on (bench, high jump, weave and spring), Bryan wins three and Garnett wins one. So, yes, I think Bryan is a better athlete than Kevin Garnett.

What about baseball? Would Barry Bonds, Ryan Howard, Frank Thomas, Roger Clemens, or Billy Wagner be considered elite athletes in your opinion? Point being these athletes are athletes because of the skill-set they have that nobody else on the face of the earth can easily replicate. Hand-eye coordination happens to be one of those skill sets. Having control over one's body is also an underrated athletic characteristic...
Don't get me started on Barry Bonds.

Still, do those guys have innate athletic skills? Some do, some don't. Thomas is a physically strong guy, but even though we still consider him a top tier baseball player, he's hardly an elite athlete. I could outrun him in the mile (or any sprint, for that matter) and I'm not exactly the king of the track.

As for guys like Wagner, there's alot of incredible athleticism that those guys show. They can run and they can move.

There are some great, top tier baseball players that are not elite athletes. There are others that are.

Would I call Mo Vaughn an elite athlete? No. I probably wouldn't.

Would I call Torii Hunter an elite athlete? Damn right. That guy can run, jump and move, so there's definitely some incredible athletic potential. The same goes for guys like Ichiro and a young Canseco (who, steroids or not, was a very, very good athlete).

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