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Originally Posted by Shadow30597 View Post
Kickass thread, dude....+1 repped for the great thread.

I have issues with topside and the triangle escape (I tend to just smack people in the face because I do MMA, but when it's straight grappling, I'm in a world of hurt).

Any advice?
Again, thanks man.

As far as topside escapes from the triangle, at a basic level it's about defending the triangle and working your way out of it.

Keep your elbows in and remember: two arms in the guard or two arms out of the guard. If you get caught with one in and one out, you're in trouble.

Don't let your arm get pulled across your neck. Alot of guys hide that arm and turn in the direction of the arm that's in. (that's important because turning the other way will tighten the triangle)

As far as escapes, the common one is to posture out of it. This works against a triangle in its early stages (before it's tight and, well, a triangle), but you have to remember to keep that elbow in so you don't get caught in an armbar.

Hope that was helpful. As far as a more advanced escape, the common one is to put your legs around your opponent and pry the triangle off. That works sometimes, but it's an advanced move, so be patient practicing it, there's alot of ways it can go wrong.

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