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Originally Posted by MLS View Post
So who is tougher a golfer or a basketball player who is shooting every shot with thousands of fans making noise or a kicker in football making a kick with thousands of fans making noise. Do you ever see any other athlete freak out about making a shot or kicking a ball more than you do when a golfer hits the ball?

Problem with your statement is the other guy I quoted who seems to have the same thinking as you disagree's on whether or not a golfer could overcome fans cheering. SO who is right? But refer to my post to him as well.
Wow this has turned into a healthly debate- just got back so I'll start here. To the freaking out part- yes I've seen plenty of athletes freak out after missing a shot/kick/etc baseball players react badly at times after striking out in key situations, kickers in NFL have buried their heads in their hands and dropped to the field, soccer players have done the same after missing a penalty shot or an easy one. Every player reacts somehow after a bad miss some contain it internally and some let whatever explode out of them.

With regards to the crowd noise I really think it's a moot point- it just isn't done so whether or not a golfer could adapt it's hard to argue either way. When golf was invented in Scotland but they decided to hurl insults or haggis at each others' head during the backswing or putting- over time, yes I think they would have adapted had that been the common practice and golfers today would be used to it. That's why I think it's a moot point- it's just not done and hasn't been done.
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