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Originally Posted by IhitU.uHITfloor View Post
Bro, that was a demo, they don't go full force or full speed. It is just a photo op. And on another note, I thought that Kimbo showed some decent sweeps from the bottom. If he has the correct mentality to perform those in the clutch though is the question.
A demo of what? If it was a demo of his ground game, it was weak. I understand not going full speed or full force, but Bas was struggling harder to give Kimbo something than Kimbo was to secure it.

I realize it was just a photo op, but come on, man. Everything Kimbo was getting on the ground was fed to him on a silver platter by Bas. Hey didn't get anything on the ground, he was given it.

I, personally didn't see much impressive work there. He was lagging behind the other fighters when they were doing the combo's and missing kicks, etc., his ground game didn't look impressive at all, and he hit some pads. woo.

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