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Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
Who says Fedor can't still get better (well realistically I don't know if that's possible, it's a sacry thought xD). And of course his losses matter, just because you avenged them later doesn't mean you didn't get your ass kicked the first time. And he's not P4P better than Fedor for a simple reason, Fedor could probably cut to 205 if he wanted and is a small HW, while GSP is a big WW who towers over his opponents, you can't deny the fact that he's bigger gives him an edge over many opponents, so no, he's not better P4P.
Yeah, Fedor could get better, what is your point with that? I only brought up getting better in defense of his first Hughes loss.

MMA is a sport where what you do now matters most, and GSP's losses to hughes and serra were a while ago and have been completely over ridden.

GSP is a big WW but weight wise a lot of WW are in the same field as him, especially hughes and koscheck. And doesn't fedor weigh like 230? That's a pretty normal HW. Most of them aren't like Tim Sylvia. Take Nog and CC, who during Fedor's peak, were ranked two and three respectively.

In the end, when I look at their records and skill sets, I think GSP's physical ability is tied with Fedor, but his control is so far above anyone else's it outweighs Fedor's benefits over GSP.
And looking at record's I'd also give it to GSP.

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