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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Thanks, man.

As far as getting out of the mount, there are two ways to go (in terms of basic escapes). There's the bridge and roll and then there's the hip escape.

The bridge and roll requires you to trap one of your opponent's hands, then lock down the foot on same side. This will prevent your opponent from stopping the roll and creating a base.

Then you are just going to bridge up and to the side, rolling over, so that you come up in your opponent's guard. Make sure that you do this to the side that you have locked down, otherwise you're f*cked.

Here is just something to add to that I like to do. Once you lock up the arm and leg on whichever side use your other arm to ensure he cant base out at all. Just make sure your arm is under their arm like an under hook but without the hook and as you are rolling over straighten it so that they cant post their opposite arm out. Taking away half of their base is usually enough, but this is just to make sure. It isnt hard, I have had success with it. If that doesnt make sense let me know I will try to explain it again.
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