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Silva learned from the Belfort fight to come in with his hands or to receive his opponents with his hands. And contrary to popular belief he's watching what he's doing even though he's swinging wildly. Watch some of his exchanges in slow-mo and you'll see him scoring vicious shots by countering...something you can hardly do while closing your eyes.

Problem is he attacks in straight lines, as does most of his opponents thus making his style that much more effective as it's harder to catch someone cleanly who's moving laterally.

If being faced with a tornado coming straight at you, survival 101 says to run at right angles to it and not straight from it. Fighting is no different when someone is attacking you head on.

This is one advantage Liddell has over Silva is his patience and movement to counter. Or....this could work against him as Chuck is not particularly fast on his feet when moving and an opponent moving away seems to incite Silva to be more aggressive...well that and getting hit.

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