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Originally Posted by doublelegtakedown
A religous poll man!

He is right it is a religious poll and perosnly I think it is in poor taste. This is a fighting forum religion should not be a part of it plus some people have very strong feelings on religion and it could put the admin and mods in an akward position, if one of us happen to be some alternate religion since the majorit will more then likely be catholic or christian and we say may not be and if we have to remove some people they may play the discrimination card. but for the record I could care less what religion someone is. just do not shove it down others throats. I'll leave this open but I see anyone start preaching in any way about any religion I will shut this down and recomend they are removed even if that persons view point happens to be mine. if you want to discuss religion go to a religious forum. not here... As for me I am not voting because the person who set this up more then likely due to just not know enough about different world religions set this up very very poorly. and no that is not a personal attack I just think you did a bad representation of the different religions.

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