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Originally Posted by ex-bouncer View Post
right! and another thing the tkd fighters are telling me is that the philosophy is to attack with out control this makes the attack much more vicious as well as harder to predict where blow will end at. for any doubts I encourage to go to your local tkd school where you'll be surprised.
That may be true, but I've fought, like I said, a half dozen TKD guys. None of them has ever hurt me.

They might be aggressive, but from my personal experience they work more with speed than with power, and I'm not impressed by that. If you're a striker who can't hurt me, you're in serious trouble.

There might be TKD guys that hit hard, but I've never encountered ones, and I've had plenty of Muay Thai and boxing guys sting me pretty good. A few have even put me out in training.

I've watched the guys at TKD schools train, and they yell alot, but that's not what aggression is.

I'm not going to put down the art as far as its ability to teach disciple, but I will say that, as a fighting style, I've found it less than dangerous. Maybe that's because of the guys I've fought, maybe that's because of the quality of training in my area (though I doubt that, because I live in what of the best areas in the states to train).

Still, I'm not going to say that the guys aren't aggressive. I will say that they, thus far, have not impressed me with their power.

Originally Posted by ex-bouncer View Post
by the way top boxers do not torque their hips when punching. that is known as telegraphing. the same way can be said when throwing a kick you had better have a fast kick when torquing the kick or you 'll be opened to the straight right punch. their is method to tkd madness.
That statement is just wrong.

Watch Mayweather throw his check hook. Watch Tyson throw his hooks and his uppercuts.

Actually, just watch any punch Tyson or Ali or any other top tier boxer has thrown, ever. They use hip movements in their punches. They drop their hips into their jabs and turn their hips into their hooks and their upper cuts.

To say that, for some reason, they don't strike with their hips is absurd. They also strike from their legs.

Watch this Tyson highlight, and tell me again that he's not moving his hips.

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