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Indeed I do live in beautiful upstate NY, in a town of about 40,000 ppl and that's stretching it a little by including some of the surrounding areas. Our options here, apart from TKD, are a) sport karate at an obnoxious cobra-kai type school which is also expensive enough to nearly price itself out of the local market, gojuryu karate, and years ago, kune tao but then the instructor had a kidney transplant and never went back to teaching. The sport karate school supposedly has one or two ppl who "will teach" judo and MT but that does not make them nearly qualified enough imo.

Finally the owner of the sport karate school, when asked if anyone teaches tkd locally, lies and says no b/c he's bitter that although he's beaten my teacher sparring 2x or so over the years, my teacher has owned him many times more. nice rei cobra kai guy!!!

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