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Does anyone else think that VS is a bunch of idiots?

- How many times did I have to hear about Daniel Briere "coming alive" in this series?...oh for about 4 whole minutes...
- They are terrible when it comes to replays.
- The broadcast has failed to tell viewers what the penalty was when they don't show the ref making the gesture for the call.
- Interviews are broadcast over live action (and in most cases they suck - "Paul Holmgren, hard to believe you were in last place the previous year, huh?" WOW!).
- The two main guys are ridiculously annoying/bias - specifically the younger one who was suddenly in a great mood last night. I wanted to smack the hell out of him. Not even Jonesy is that biased towards the Flyers, and he played for them!

"I don't dink anyone en dis division can endure my riddum."
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