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Originally Posted by j.farrell
he doesnt even post anything on his website (quarry).. i saw him in the casino at ufc 57 and talked to him for a couple minutes. i wasnt sure what to say to him. his nose still looked crooked. i was like "tough loss man, you just gotta get back in there"..and he was like "yeah its all good" first he seemed kinda excited that we noticed him, then when i brought up the fight he got all down. plus randy retired that night, i think that had a really big effect on him. when they should the two of them back stage, nate hugged him like three times in a row like he didnt want to let him go. he might not be cleared for awhile either though so i guess we'll have to wait and see. here he is with my girl at mandalay..
I don't think fighters like Nate Quarry have anywhere to go ... honestly, I'm sure he just saw the guy who dominated him like crazy (Rich Franklin) get dominated like crazy (by Anderson Silva) and probably knows at his age (around 34) that there really is not too much chance for him. People might knock my attitude for being pessimistic or whatever but I think I'm also being a realist and you hate people to go on and take beatings when they just aren't at that level. Look at Ken Shamrock ... people can say all sorts of nice things, and he has accomplished a lot, but truthfully when it's time to hang it up, go out gracefully and be at peace. Ken stayed far too long and let his star blemish. Tra Telligman falls in this bunch of people and should probably hang it up.
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