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The Donger sure is awesome, but the Alligator (or whatever Jacare means) is my boy in this one. I'm really looking for my ADCC boyz to tap some ass.

I think Ronaldo might have Jitz that's VERY well suited for MMA; It's aggressive, explosive and brilliantly simple (i.e. not many moves that can only be used in grappling, like a lot of Marcelo Garcia's open guard game). Also, a lot of world class grapplers has shown that jitz gotta be played aggressive in MMA, because their opponents probably doesn't know as much as them so they can afford to be aggressive. So Jacare, being the technically better grappler than for instance Big Nog or Thales Leites (who also use their BJJ aggressively for mma, as they should do), should/could have even more success being aggressive than his "predecessors".

Look at a good counterexample: Gabriel Gonzaga. He just hasn't incorporated his jiu jitsu that well in his game, and is too often on the defensive on the ground. He didn't even want to be on the ground against Fabiano Sherner (sp).

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