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the broken leg video is super disgusting... i myself been wondering for a long time how the hell that happened. people hit the checks all the time just watch the K-1, on other hands i heard that they dont usually kick that hard there b/c it just dangerous -> if you dont break it, it's gonna hurt as hell even for the super shin conditioned guys like them - seen more than one fight end b/c of that. Keep in mind that it probably was 2 professionals, if your shin is conditioned you can easily win a fight just using that -> hit them in the shin, make them cry

Yes it is pretty easy to block the roundhouse like that (at least to the leg) but it's not slow at all. with practice it just gets faster and harder. properly executed can break someones leg (especially if someone is not MT dude and doesnt know about checking and like most of them doesn't even expect kicks)

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