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Originally Posted by ex-bouncer View Post
"To say that, for some reason, they don't strike with their hips is absurd. They also strike from their legs.

Watch this Tyson highlight, and tell me again that he's not moving his hips." Mike tyson is merely moving with the punches look at him punching the bag with the bulk of his fast punches coming via the triceps, try punching a bag while torking your hips a see for yourself how much speed you get.
Man, do you not understand that I actually do this stuff. Clearly you think I'm new to this, and that's a little disrespectful. Whatever.

If you really think that you generate power with your arms, going into a fight with a top tier boxer (even a good amateur) and do that. He'll laugh at you if you start throwing arm punches.

I've worked with guys like Ward and Cung Le. These are guys who say, over and over again, use your hips. Tyson says it in his training, and his coaches drilled it into him. Actually watch him fight.

If you want me to dissect the anatomy of the punch, that's fine. Really, though, you should just watch the National Georgraphic documentary on fight sciences (not the MMA one that they did, though that was good; the earlier one with Melchor Menor). They spend 3 minutes talking about how a boxer's power comes from his feet and his hips.

This isn't some basic technical disagreement, man. This is scientific, and it's not disputed. Nobody throws arm-punches, and the guys who think they can get KTFO.

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