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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Alright, I got another one for yall, let me know when Im getting annoying. I was watching the Fedor vs Hong Man Choi fight and Fedor pulls the slick arm bar from the bottom, could I get some advice for setting up for one of those on the bottom? I watched that and almost drooled, so I figured I might as well ask. Thanks
ill see if i can help you out dude
ok just for explanations sake well say your going for an armbar on your opponents right arm
basically you want to secure his right arm at the wrist and tricep, then place your left leg on his hip, and your right leg high on his back, and twist your hips so that your body is perpendicular to your opponents (so just spin 90 degrees)
pass your left leg over your opponents head
then to finish the submission and get the tap out squeeze your knees together raise your hips and pull down on the wrist

hope that helps you man
if it didnt im sure Ironman can explain it much better than i can

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