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Originally Posted by ex-bouncer View Post
No torquing the hips is a finishing move but how do you get there without getting your hips coiled thats called telegraphing. no good pro is going to be around long enough for you to do that. remember more fights are won on the feet than won on the gloves and lastly I don't worry about power I worry about getting hit. there is no wrong only learning.
There is wrong. Wrong is what gets you KTFO'd.

Look, watch how Fedor throws (always from the hips), watch how CroCop throws (same) and watch how Nogueira throws (again, the same). These are three guys who come from three totally different striking backgrounds, and the biggest consistency is the fact that they throw their punches off of their hips

You don't even understand how a punch coming off of the hips works. It's not about coiling them, it's about swinging them out from a neutral position. You're right that a pro-fighter would never coil his hips to throw some big looping punch (actually, you're technically wrong about that, too, because Chuck Liddell did it for years), but that's not what fighters do.

It's about moving into your strike with the hips, not twisting the strike up and then releasing it. Mayweather's "check hook" isn't wound up (it doesn't have the time to be), but it comes, pointedly and clearly, off of the hips.

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