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Originally Posted by ex-bouncer View Post
1st rule of boxing never stand in front of the puncher, and don't play hooky with the hooker! it's better to paw than to crush. I don't care about power I care about getting hit because I aint gonna be around for the t off.
It's that attitude that gets guys killed in MMA fights. You're so concerned about getting hit that you don't throw a serious punch, and your opponent gets more and more confident as you fail to sting him. You paw and he works you with jabs and leg kicks (both of which he puts his hips into), until he wears you down. Then you're too slow to get out of the way, and you get KTFO'd.

You have to hit back in a fight, man. You have to assert your dominance as a striker if you want to strike. You can't just paw and back away and expect to just dodge your way through a fight. It doesn't work like that. Your opponent is going to keep attacking.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be worried about getting hit. I'm not even saying that it shouldn't be your first concern. If you have a glass jaw, then you should worry about getting hit.

You shouldn't sacrific your power by taking your hips out of punches. That only makes your opponent more willing to throw, more willing to hit you and gives him more control over the pace of the fight.

Guys like Chuck Liddell use their hips, they don't do that pawing bullsh*t, and they knock guys out by being great counter punchers. You can move and still use your hips into a strike. If you don't know how to do that, then you've got bigger issues.

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