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speaking of Larry Holmes I spoke to Jerry Cooney who fought Larry. It's been almost 10 years since I spoke to Gerry and 17 years since I spoke with Larry. Gerry told me that Larry's jab was stinging not crushing with no ko power behind it. this also recalls my previous conversation with Holmes regarding Tommy Morrison who had a big quick left hook. Larry responded "Yeah! he's easy because your going to see his left hook coming from a mile away. Larry would know since he fought Cooney who is regarded as having one the best left hooks ever. remember a good boxer is going to pick you apart not KO you off the start this why people who fought Ali came out cut up and bruised as opposed to broke up. I talked Jimmy Young many years ago who fought Ali and he described Ali's jab as a pump and not a hammer his aim was to cut you not brake you. you can tell who is the boxers from this thread. "Mike Tyson could knock you out with an open glove. I wish I had that kind of power". Micheal "jinx" Spinx "Mike Tyson's punch is so powerful that he could knock you out with out putting his hips into it" larry Merchant

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