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See here in lies the problem. In order for one to execute a punch from hips he first has to plant his feet, then sink his ankle on his right back leg into the ground so that he can spring off of it generating the power etc. However a boxer is going to read that and as we call it in boxing get on his bicycle and start back peddling and giving his opponent angles . this will immediately make his opponent switch from power to speed or as we call it cause him to shoe shine. he knows the cardinal rule don't stand in front of the puncher.

Lou Savarese thought like that back when he fought David Izon I warned him about Izon I told him don't worry about landing your left hook Izon is much to quick for that he'll come under it and then come over the top answering with his own left hook. I also warned him against throwing a power jab against him because he'd put his foot out to the left and slip the punch and answer it with the left hook. I explained to him that the only way Izon could beat him was with the left hook straight right hand combination being that he was shorter. " We've got it figured out" Savarese and in the fifth round he throw a power left Izon came up and over it and knock Lou threw the ropes I was right there.
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