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Originally Posted by MLS View Post
The reason I think that the US doesn't like soccer is becuase we are a nation that wants instant gratification and soccer doesn't really give that. To score a goal involves a build up that most people in the states don't want to wait on. Instead they would rather see a homerun because it's instant and there is no real build up, it just kind of happens.
Very true but a Goal really MEANS somthing which people dont seem to under stand. Plus i think the are a TON of soccer fans in the US but are to "proud" to go watch a MLS game. Cuz it underneath them. Could also argue its MLS fault for the VERY shitty rules way back in 96 and turned ALOT of people off and now dont give it a second thought.

On a side note any one eles going to watch USA V England?

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****en asd
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