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Originally Posted by StephenRay View Post
I have been interested in the Muay Thai round house kick because I want my son to learn it.

Does anyone know of a good instructional video?

But I was alarmed when I came across this video:

What happened? Is the lifted knee just a good defense against a Muay Thai Round house, or was this not proper kicking technique, or what?

Is the Muay Thai round house kick slow? Is it that easy to defend against? Is the Karate round house faster?

I also found this:

I am in love with this instructional and this woman too. Be sure to see her website at:

Also her father's website at: There are some pictures of her kicking in there that are pretty spectacular. Her father was in Army Special Forces.

Sorry for the distracting woman, but she is so perfect.
well karate roundhouse is a different shit.
in karate u lift ur knee and then u snap ur leg , in karate u hit with ur toe not with ur shin! , in MT (for base leg) u make a 45 degree angle by moving ur left leg to the left , while doing it u twist ur left toe paralel ur left shin, it makes ur hips to twist so u will deliver a power , than u strike with ur base leg! u strike while u twist ur left leg!
and that video was an accident it seems taht his lleg was not conditiond
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