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id say a large part of people not appreciating soccer isnt to do with instant gratification ect but simply people love what they grew up with, i grew up playing rugby , not really grew up but played till last year at 17 now i need a shouler reco but i plan on playin by under 20's again
(it goes under 18 then under 20 btw) but anyway i watch rugby, my mates who grew up playing afl watch more afl. i actualy watch all three codes and most of my mates watch at least 2.

i dont like soccer for alot of reasons, really it isnt exiting, the diving ect really pisses me off, if someone does that in rugby they get put all over papers and tv for bein a little bitch. Also there isnt the same meaning for it, in league theres huge rivalries between NSW and QLD and in union NZ and Aus, wereas all the meaning is overseas in soccer and not relateable to me
plus finnaly its a lil girls sport
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