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the UFC didnt want to let him go from what I hear he took the oppertunity to leave. I think he had an interview about it. When he had the oppertunity to leave the UFC he went ahead and took it because he knew that he was going to have more options available to him outside of the UFC. The whole exclusivity thing with the UFC is great if you are one of their name brand guys like Rampage or Lidell but if you are one of the lesser known guys lke mayhem was at the time then you werent going to get the exposure you needed or get paid what you were really worth unless you waited a long time.

He knew this and made a smart move. He will be able to get better fights and better pay outside of zuffa. Right now the UFC is not a place you want to be if your a fighter starting out unless you get on through the ultimate fighter. Thats really the only way you can get a square deal. Other then that your better off climbing the rankings of smaller organizations and then hopefully ending up beating a bigger named guy and going into one of the other leagues like the pro elite leagues.

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