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I never said power from the arms is more stronger than from the hips obviously that is not so. what I am saying is that most fighters use that as a finishing move on a guy that is tired out. from what I've read and maybe I read wrong but many people think its game to just wing it off the bat and this is where I am saying not. boxing is a game for those who have incredible power and speed and I didn't have that so therefore I was not a champ. As far a point deduction goes there is an old rule that points shall be awarded to the aggressor that however changed with Larry holmes,John Ruiz, Roy Jones. who game consisted of throwing 1 to 2 punches and then going into the clinch in boxing its called clunches and bunches. boxing is not any more a real indicator of superiority. and no they don't take away points for to much holding or lack of action, go not throwing the lead right hand.

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