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Originally Posted by mma17 View Post
Lol. Oh my gosh bro. I do. It's funny to me that someone else does too. I literally told my buddy while I was watching the show last night about 3-4 times how much I hate the 'look' on CB's face. The funny thing is that he's not the only person I don't like because of the 'look' on their face. As judgemental and horrible as it sounds I've seen and/or met dozens of people where this thought crosses my mind when I see them. I mean I guess it's not there fault, but just something about them makes you not like them. Well hope not everybody thinks I'm a horrible person now. lol. I'm really not...I promise.

On a side note CB is pretty good though as much as I hate the look on his face.

I hear you brother, I feel like its just so petty and wrong to hate on somebody for such a stupid reason but I just can't help it.

CB has this obnoxious lip thing going on, actually his upper lip is non existent and his mouth is attached directly to his nostrils. The top of his forehead protrudes way too much, I mean, it sticks out well past his brow and when you couple that with his bulbous butt chin it looks like the center of his face is caving in and it sucked his upper lip into the void. He looks like that damn cartoon character on the Warheads sour candy that has his face imploding.

He is a good fighter like you said but I can't stop hoping that he gets punched in his fugly stupid face.

PS. I don't really care for his attitude and ego either but I think that may be tied into being offended when I see him.

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