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Tim Sylvia Sucks
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Originally Posted by Maniac
Your a retard he took steroids once in his career and got caught and was open to his mistakes.
The only reason he took them was so he could look more ripped and he learnt his lessons and came back with 2 losses under his belt and now hes the world heavy weight champ and theres not many that can defeat him in the ufc HW division.

People are saying that Brandon Vera would kill Tim havnt seen much of Vera fight but ufc will put him up against AA and i will like to see how he holds up against him.

As for being a shit fighter and un talented you have no idea what your talking about look at him sure he was a fat slow **** back in 03 but hes come along way since being caught for using steroids has improved his leg work majorally and his hands he has a very old fashion boxing style which is hard to anticipate what hes gonna do next.

he is also the only person other than randy couture to ever hold the WHC twice.

The only person i see being a threat to tim sylvia atm is maybe Brandon Vera and Frank Mir but when it comes down to fighters like tim sylvia and AA its just who connects with the first hit and he has a reason to be cocky hes only been beaten twice and he was the ultimate underdog agains AA and knocked him out he said it was luck the first time Andrei beat him and he was right.

Even Frank Mir says in his interview that Tim Sylvia is the toughest guy he has ever fought and that he made a really bad mistake that night and he deserves to be where he is atm in the UFC im gonna laugh at all of you Tim sylvia haters when he smashes Brandon Veras skull into the Octagon and incapacitates him from ever competing in UFC and leaves him as a vegetable in hospital Sylvia is Unbeatable atm hes in his prime i dont see him going any where

Yes i am a sylvia fan
yeah it was luck the first time. thats why AA dropped him with the same right hand again. haha
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