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Originally Posted by THE_HAMMER View Post
Damn ,it needs to be said again,,,, the imature Huntington Beach Bitch Boy is a total maroon.

If not for his spearm mop girlfriend Jenna knocking on Dana's door offering blowjobs he'd never of got asked back to the UFC. And you can take that to the bank!!!!

Can't blame Dana I suppose,I'd drop A load down her trap too if she asked me, but I sure as hell wouldnt put my pecker anywhere near her festering holes.LOL tito you think you got something good there,,, a real bargain ,lolol.

Now then BJ Penn, enough of your bullshit already.
tired of your wanna be tuff talk .

shut the hell up for once in your life and you might not look like such an arse-hole... I mean come on man, you come over like a 20 year old punk kid who doesent know any better...

If sherk wasen't such a lame fighter and actually knew how to strike his apponant rather then controlling the grapple he'd have a chance at winning.. BJ will lose I'm hoping..

Who's left,,, Jardine, the luckyiest fighter in the UFC. This guy does not impress me at all and his luck , yes luck has run out or is running out.. Pick him to loose as well. Silva will utterly destroy Jardine

Alright, I've successfully been baited.

You my friend must be kidding. The utter lack of knowledge in reguards to the athletes mentioned in your complaint is down right unbelieveable.

Not to mention the way in which you chose to express them.

You really need to educate yourself on the aspects and facts of these fighters.

Maybe you are so frusterated with the situation because you have ill comprehension on every topic in which you've addressed.
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