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Originally Posted by rdlviper
Just an interesting note... i was speaking with a friend of mine from Japan who is visiting the US this week. He knows of both Pride and K-1, but said that K-1 is much more popular in Japan. I was very surprised.

Also, he mentioned that Japanese Pro Wrestling is really struggling right now. Its not doing very well.
K-1 is so huge in Japan that I believe it has actually dethroned Sumo as the most watched sporting event there. With the inception of K-1 Heroes (their MMA division), K-1 pretty much put a lock on their spot where combat sports is concerned.

Puroresu is on huge decline in Japan right now. With the inception of reality-based combat sports, the mystique of the unbeatable Pro Wrestlers has been broken. In turn, it has prompted many Pro Wrestlers to begin training earnestly in MMA. As we know, that has produced varied results in the actual level of skill amongst the fighters commonly matched up in Japan.

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